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Dancin’ on the Ceiling

How many of you caught some of the live webcam on Sito’s dA? It was a sweet little peek into how they work together and what we can expect later when he releases his finished shots. Here’s his revised schedule:

  • Friday July 29 1pm - 9pm ( WARM UP ROUND ) COMPLETED
  • Mon Aug 1 - 11am to 8pm - ARTIFICE CLOTHING / BLACK LOTUS CLOTHING / Hairstylist : Rhi Yee Makeup : Ronnie Tremblay
  • Tue Aug 2 - 11am to 8pm - DECADENT DESIGNS / HOUSE OF ETIQUETTE LATEX / Makeup : Stroke 9 , Makeupbymandee
  • *Wed Aug 3 - 4pm to 9pm - Lingerie sets feat. Blade-of-Mako (Poisonne)
  • Thur Aug 4 - 10am to 12pm - ??????

So since Sito’s webcam schedule has left Saturday and Sunday MYSTERIOUSLY BLANK, I figured we might as well use the time to tackle something else, just so we stay productive. Namely,


So since the process of cutting spending and raising taxes is proving too difficult and complicated for our lawmakers, I’ve compiled a list of possible solutions, some already proposed, some concocted entirely by moi:

  • Mint a trillion dollar coin. This has already been proposed. Since we can’t just print too much more money since there’s a circulating currency ceiling (we Americans love ceilings!), just mint a couple of trillion dollar coins and start writing checks against them! Maybe even put it on eBay with a reserve of $500 billion and a Buy it Now price of $1.2 trillion.
  • Open up a HELOC on Steve Jobs’ house.
  • Use a special item of particular value as collateral to secure all future US debts for a thousand generations. Something that only the US has that is recognized worldwide as priceless and without equal. I think you know where I’m going with this. Yes, I mean Susan the divine being. Who I have decided is going to live forever.
  • Propose a bill to send to Congress to appoint Susan Coffey as the U.S. Secretary of Hotness. Clearly the most common sense, bipartisan, and unanimous vote ever to go through the system. And attached to it will be a rider to RAISE THE DEBT CEILING. Because the last 67 raises didn’t kill us so this one probably won’t either. And they’ll be so preoccupied with Susan that afterward they’ll be all, “Oops, was that on the bill too? Oh well. Hi Susan!”

PS. Thanks to Cabban for sending in tons of screencaps of the webcam!

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